Have  you just snapped your only car key off in the door lock? 

Have you dropped your key and lost the transponder chip?

Is the casing on your remote key starting to fall apart?

Are the buttons on your remote fob not falling to pieces?

If you answered yes to any of these questions we have the perfect solution for you with our mobile car key repair service. Car keys are not overly cheap to replace so why spend money if you do not have to? Did you know most broken car keys can easily be repaired, and at a great saving over the alternative of buying a brand new key.

Types of damaged keys we can repair

Keys can break in numerous ways but the most common problem we get called out to is snapped keys. Over time the metal blade on your key becomes worn and eventually weakens with constant use. When this happens its quite easy for the blade to snap off in the lock. Replacement Car Keys London are able to remove broken keys pieces from locks and cut a replacement key. This is all done on site at your vehicle while you wait – the full job should take no longer than 15 minutes. As long as the transponder chip in the head of the key is still present and has not been damaged we can easily cut a replacement key for your vehicle.  This saves on costs of programming a new key.

Other common problems we can help with are cracked key case replacement and bent key blades. Toyota and Lexus keys are renowned for cracking and falling apart. We carry replacement cases for all Toyota keys and can save you hundreds of pounds over buying replacement keys from a main dealer. We can also replace missing transponder chips. This is very common with Vauxhall keys where the chip is fixed underneath the remote. On early models of Vauxhall cars the remote fob can be pulled off from the key blade causing the chip to fall out and prevent the car from starting. We can replace the transponder chip and program it to your cars immobiliser – even without the vehicles security immo code.

Why use us to repair your car key?

  • We are fully mobile and come to you
  • We will always be cheaper than buying a new key from the dealer
  • Dealers do not offer a repair service, only replacement at a higher cost
  • We can extract broken pieces of keys from locks
  • We can offer you spare car keys whilst on site
  • We have the technology to replace lost transponder chips

If you have just broken your car key please follow the following advice to prevent making the problem worse:

Do not glue two broken parts of a key together – it will just snap off in the lock and make an extra problem.  Do not bother trying to use magnets to remove a snapped key in a lock – the lock wafers close over the key making this technique futile. Do not add glue to the broken key and stick it in the lock hoping to pull out the other snapped piece of key – this will just glue up the lock and make out job harder.

If you need help with any car key issues call 07929153234 and speak to our car key experts about our top notch car key repair service.



Car Keys for 50% LESS!

Not only do we come out to you and save you time, we are also up to 50% cheaper than main dealers for replacement car keys.

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